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Monday, July 21, 2008

ku sentuh bulan

Sudah lama kau menunggu?

aku angguk. perlahan. kepala seolah berat tak bermaya.

jarinya mengusap rambutku, perlahan turun ke daguku dan mengangkatnya, mata bertentang.

Mengapa? Kau seolah tidak seronok dengat kepulanganku.

aku mengeluh. perlahan. seolah angin yang ingin ku hembus juga tidak berupaya untuk keluar dari lubang hidungku. segalanya tidak bermaya.

Harapan. Harapan yang ku simpan. Sudah mati.

Tangannya jatuh dari pipiku. Kini kepalanya pula yang tunduk.

Aku masih di sini, menanti di bahu jalan. Menanti akan kepulanganmu, setiap saat bagai tikaman di jantungku.

Namun harapan yang kusimpan. Sudah mati.

Tapi aku di sini. Aku kembali kepada mu. Kau berjanji akan menunggu. Dan aku di sini, mengotakan janjiku untuk kembali. Kembali kepadamu.

Boleh kah kau hidupkan seseorang manusia yang sudah mati?

Air mukanya tampak bingung.

Apa yang kau katakan ini? Itu kan kerja tuhan.

Dahulu, aku berjanji menunggumu. Punggungku tidak lekang berlabuh di bahu jalan. Aku tunggu dan berharap. Apabila ku lihat kau menghampiri, kembali setelah pergi sekian lama, tiba tiba aku lupa mengapa aku menunggu. Mengapa ku duduk di bahu jalan itu tidak bergerak. Aku lupa segalanya walaupun aku tidak melupaimu walau setitik pun. Pelik. Aku lupa pada cinta dan harapan seolah olah ia mati dan hilang dibawa angin pergi.

Kau tidak cintakan aku lagi?

Aku diam.

Cinta? Aku sudah lupa perasaan cinta itu.

Dia terduduk di bahu jalan, tepat di ruangan labuhan punggungku, duduk menanti kepulangannya.

Sampai satu tika, penantian tidak lagi menjadi satu penyiksaan, tetapi tidak bererti apa apa lagi. Harapan, sesuatu yang mudah dibawa angin pergi. Cinta. Seperti air yang deras mengalir. Elok dibiar berlalu pergi. Kerana jika disimpan, dibentengkan, maka keruhlah ia.

Aku tunduk melutut dihadapannya. Tanganku mendakap pipinya yang dibasahi air mata. Bibirnya ku cium lembut.

Maafkan aku. Kali ini, aku tidak boleh menantimu lagi.

Manusia lemah sering mendambakan sesuatu yang akan pergi. Berfikiran jika ia kembali, ia akan lebih bererti. Penantian menjadikan manusia lemah membina kendiri. Setelah penat menanti, semangat baru menguasai diri. Lantas tidak lagi mahu duduk menanti, kerana satu dunia perlu ditakluki.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Say NO to Plastic Bags, Say YES to Lovable Friends

There I was, at 7pm, still in the office, alone, trying to finish some work while texting Oya who was in Eastin Hotel with the other friends for the No Plastic Bag concert. Atilia was scheduled to sing a couple of songs and Ida Nerina was the to strut the catwalk. Oya asked me to come, I told her I have no money to donate (the minimum donation was supposedly RM50). Suddenly Ida took the phone for the first time, I was talking to Ida Nerina and her first words was, "Kenapa kau tak nak datang?", and after a little persuasion, I was asked to come under Ida's guest list. Woohoo!!! Immediately I PMed Effa who was online and was going. Apparently she didn't have a ride to go there so I end up picking her up from the office and off we went to Eastin Hotel to meet the others. I guess I owe Muid a lot of thanks for lending me money for petrol tho! One can never ask for a better brother.

So, I would write less and share some lovely moments we shared. Photos by Donna Dee cos mine haven't been uploaded yet and Oya is still editing the pictures Emi took.

Before that, lets take a pledge.


  • Reduce or stop altogether using plastic bags.
  • Just say NO THANKS when I am offered a bag.
  • Tell the shopkeeper every single time NOT to give plastic bags unless asked.
  • Bring my own cloth bag everywhere.
  • Reuse or recycle, not to let plastic bags end up in a landfill.
  • Start my own advocay and convince others to take this pledge.


I was singing "Just a spoonful of honey helps the medicine go down, the medicine go down, the medicine go down, in the most delightful way ....." and Oya malas nak layan whereas Jerry just wanted to be in the picture.

Wo de leng chai, Mr. Dennis Lau and a very talented violinist! Owh, and veli veli handsome too!!!

My lovable Jerry who cracks me up everytime we chat! Our most loving picture I guess.

And suddenly from loving, Jerry is the "hantu". Jangan Pandang Belakang!!!!

Donna Dee and myself proudly displaying our "I'm A Recyclist" sticker! Spread the word yo!!!

The whole gangalicious! Okay, sorry for the cameo by the cawan.
(Photo by Halimi Saidi)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

favourite tv/movie quotes

Alice (Leisha Hailey) to Shane (Kate Moennig) in 'L' Word.

"Yoda needs to give me a better advise or Yoda needs to shut the fuck up".

Jane (Angelina Jolie) to John (Brad Pitt) in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

"Happy endings are stories that aren't finished yet."

Joan (Angelina Jolie) to Keenan (Ryan Phillippe) in Playing By Heart.

"Talking about love is like dancing about architecture."

Melvin (Jack Nicholson) to Carol (Helen Hunt) in As Good As It Gets.

"I might be the only person on the face of the earth that knows you're the greatest woman on earth. I might be the only one who appreciates how amazing you are in every single thing that you do, and how you are with Spencer, "Spence," and in every single thought that you have, and how you say what you mean, and how you almost always mean something that's all about being straight and good. I think most people miss that about you, and I watch them, wondering how they can watch you bring their food, and clear their tables and never get that they just met the greatest woman alive. And the fact that I get it makes me feel good, about me. "

Ellie (Naomi Watts) to Justin (Mark Pellegrino) in Ellie Parker.

"I don't hate myself enough to love you."

Personally, I love the last one. A self-confessed narcissist, I guess companionship and relationships are not meant for me. What gives. To each their own choices in life.

just for fun

Your Top Superlatives

Most Likely To Make me Laugh (8 friends)
Most Likely To Party Like a Rockstar (8 friends)
Most Likely To Be Best Friends Forever (6 friends)
Most Likely To Dance the Night Away (3 friends)
Most Likely To Poke me All the Time (3 friends)
Most Likely To Live Like There Is No Tomorrow (2 friends)
Most Likely To Get Out of Trouble by Smiling (2 friends)
Most Likely To Reminisce with Me about the Good Old Days (2 friends)
Most Likely To Giggle for NO Apparent Reason (2 friends)
Most Likely To Talk to Themselves About their Day (2 friends)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

written at a m.c.donalds.

Old Times

Old Memories.

New Day

New beginning.

One smile

and a small gesture

One gentleman

and a night of pleasure.

(I have become a venting machine of late. Poetic sappy words does not come smoothly these days. I will not stop venting. As I won't stop living. A man threw stones on the water crying. They said "Stupid foolish man, what good will you get from throwing the stones on the water? You might hit a duck or kill it. Stupid foolish man". The man goes back home and goes to work and live his life. Some day he'll return to the lake and continue throwing stones. He has his own reasons. Throwing stones makes him feel good. He goes to work tomorrow and make thousands of profit for his company. He's not stupid nor foolish).

Thursday, July 10, 2008

what do I do if I have a million dollars?

When I was a small girl, I used to dream I have a million dollars, and I would have a calculator in my hand, calculating the money I would spend with a million dollars.

this include a home, a shelter, for unfortunate kids. like a hostel for them. providing a family. a van to send them to school. and everyone is protective to everyone else like a family.

I was so young when I had this dream.

When I met Dr. Hartini of NurSalam the other day, I told her this. To my surprise, she told me, that was what she always dreamt for when she was young too. And now she is doing it. Advising a shelter for homeless and runaway kids.

The things we often think and gives room of thought to, sometimes build the person who we are.

I know some who never think about others. Its always me me me and life is about me and my life and my boyfriend and my little friends and me.

I know some people who thinks about fun fun fun fun fun and more fun.

I know some people who are blank, clueless in life as what it can actually do.

I know some people who acts global but thinks local. In a way, it might sound good if you have a business studies foundation and actually know how to implement the term, but in another way, it means "kejar budaya barat dengan mentaliti timur" (chasing the western culture with a typical eastern mentality).

I think moving around every 3 years my whole life and meeting people from all walks of life allows me to meet all these weird characters of the world. In a way, I'm very much blessed and lucky.

Today, I was walking back from my bank errands and lunch with an old schoolmate, I bumped into a few guys I used to work with in the Foundation. Tun's drivers and bodyguards. Had a nice chat with them and was so pleased to be meeting them again.

During my working days, I found pleasure in the conversations I engaged with the tea lady, the office helper, the despatch boy, the security guards and the drivers. In my daily life, my smiles were brought by the petrol pump guy, the nasi lemak abang, the kuih makcik and people from the street.

There are things we do in life, that breathes the person we are.

Today, someone who barely knew me, wrote that I'm a bitch and I should get a real life and he wanted to smack me. Indirectly. Without naming me. But still.

Its just so very funny.

When I build my shelter for those unfortunate kids, I know that guy who called me bitch, will not be among those who I would even consider helping my kids. Just cause I don't think he have either a rational heart, OR a thoughtful mind to be near my kids.
(And I know outloud he would say, "Who cares about your kids man!". Well, that just spells the person he is, right?)

Real Life

is overstated.

Some thinks real life is find love, get married and have a happily ever after ending.

Happily ever after endings are for stories that aren't finish yet.

Guilt is a funny thing. So is immaturity.

What is immaturity?

Fynaz told me, when I vent out and rant, thats the only time she gets to see the childish side of me. Becos I am so use to appearing wise and matured, especially having friends who are much older than me.

Some of my friends think my jumping jolly good natural behaviour is childish.

For me, childish is doing something when you don't think about how it will affect others.

And I admit, there are moments of childishness in my life.

Back to Real Life.

A Real Person is allowed to be childish, is allowed to hurt, make mistakes and feel pain.

Only in Fairy Tales, happily ever after exists.

A Real Person writes her dreams and goals next to her bills and budget calculations.

Real Life is about being realistic, conforming to rational decision-making.

Real Life is the ability to meet people and understand the nature of life itself. Real Life is not confining yourself to 3 people who will only allow you 3 different views in life, which in certain situations, they might share the same views as yours and waalah, what gives.

Real Life is not about capturing illusions and trying to see life from a view finder.

Real Life is being able to smile and chat with the Makcik Cleaner and the Petrol Pump Boy.

Real Person must be able to say "I agree with what you said, maybe thats how you see it, but I'm sticking to my own opinion, just to diversify the options".

I don't know how much a Real Person I am.

But I know I'm not a Fake. Becos this life I'm living. Is a Real Life indeed.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

something I wrote on the bus


when I met him, he seems vaguely familiar.
we acted as if we've met before.
we laughed as old friends does.

somehow, suddenly, I remembered.
it was him.
the guy from my dreams.
even though in those dreams, I could never see his face.

this time it is for real.
he's here, so very near.

but why do I secretly hope,
that this be
just another dream to me?


Friday, July 04, 2008

KLUE Urbanscapes: What actually happened.

Wow, what an event. We waited 4 years for this one. It was supposedly scheduled to be held every 2 years, but due to some unidentified difficulties, KLUE skipped the 2006 Urbanscapes and made a comeback in 2008. When Muid told me that DigitalMalayaProject is participating in the gallery, I was just pleased and grateful that we had a chance to be part of it, but later when he added that I'll be displaying my works as well, I was so very very excited until I went vain and asked (more like force) friends to vote for my best picture. The voting was great and I thanked everyone who help casted their votes.

Lets go chronologically on this one.

Thursday, 26th June 2008:-
Went to Ecaz Studios with Muid and Shafina to print the pictures. Had fun toying with Tai's D60 and goofing around with Emi. Later, joined Omar for his KL mamak session before he heads back to London. Had fun laughing with Adi, Belanda, Hilmi, Kamal (and his girlfriend), Anna, Shafina, Syahrin, Faris, Muid and of course, Omar. Some folks from Photo Malaysia were there but don't really know them. Went back at 12.30pm. Went straight to writing the poems and putting them in the frames. Went to bed at 3am.

Friday, 27th June 2008:-
Woke up at 6.15am. Got to work by bus. Stocked up some Surya Gudang Garam at Kotaraya (the ghetto style yo!). Stayed back at the office, laminated {dmp}'s profile and bio, print labels and artists' bio. Took monorail to Chow Kit at 8pm. Got stalked by a weirdo who wanted me to board his UNSER. Freaked out man! So takut. He was quite persistent but thanked god he didn't came near, just signaling me from afar. Should've stopped at the Titiwangsa station instead. Ditched cab plan, called Muid who came 15 minutes later and off we went to KLPAC. Helped the setting up. Goofed around with Artect, who was there with a bunch of friends. Fariz, Asrul and Fozy helped with the {dmp} set up.

Muid and me setting up the front panel with Muid's and Nadirah's works.
(Photo Credit: Adi Arfan)

Had lots of ciggie break with Aisyah, the cool installation art artist and played with her baby boy Arjuna. Had McDonald's delivery for supper (except that my Mega Mac hilang). Got home at 4am. Slept at 4.30am.

Saturday, 28th June 2008:-
Woke up at 8.30am. Had a long discussion with dad on why I can't use my car becos my roadtax expired and why I can't just renew my roadtax because my insurance has expired as well and until I renew my insurance, then only I can renew my roadtax and then only I can drive my car. So after that long lengthy frowning gloomy talk, mom decided to lend me her car instead. Okay la, Avanza pun Avanza la. 10am, rushed to IKEA to get frames becos so happened, we didn't have enough frames. Managed to shop for clothes to wear, bought an MNG vest for RM60 (which was 50% off) and an Espirit singlet for RM50. Bought some Big Apple doughnuts and strawberries for the folks at KLPAC. Rushed to KLPAC and reached there about 11.15am. Did our last minute preparation which was concluded around 12.45pm. Then crowd starts buzzing in ....

Happy Abby with her works of love
(Photo Credit: Lyanna Johan)

Me at my panel. Lots of praises and comments on the handwritten poetries. I reckon I wanted to put in the writing pleasure and feel to it becos these are mostly the poems I wrote during my mamak sessions.

I spent a lot of time walking around, hanging outside of the gallery. There's a fear of seeing faces criticising my works, but most of all, after the whole night being there, I just needed some time off and some fresh air. Lepak'ed with my KLickr friends outside. Bumped into Mei Ling and her friend Fahmi. Had doughnuts and strawberries shared with everyone. Lots of ciggies. Bloody coke cost RM3 per can.

Took a walk at the market area with Nell. After we went under the tent, it got a little too crowded so I decided to let her be on her own while I make my own way. Too exhausted for crowded places. Then LJ spotted me sitting in exhaustion. Funnily right at the "disabled driver"'s parking. How ironic!

Tired Abby needs to be wheelchaired
(Photo Credit: Lyanna Johan)

Went back to the hangout table then Muid told me Nadiah and Eka were in the cafe. Had to lepak with them becos thats where I met Nadiah for the first time, KLUE Urbanscapes 2004. So we had quite a long chat at the cafe, then at our gallery space before the four of us, Muid, Eka, Nadiah and me walked out to get some drinks and food then they left. Great hanging out with them, too many sarcasm and laughter. Yes, I love Nadiah for her sarcasm! Hahahaha. And Eka let me snap some photos using his camera. UUUUUuuuuuuuu, I got the Ekster aura. Hahahaha....

Eka, Nadiah and Me
(Photo Credit: Muid Latif; Taken using: THE Ekster's D70)

After our very very late lunch, I was walking back to the gallery with Muid only to realise that I missed Mia Palencia's show, which started at 5pm. It was 5.22pm at that time. I immediately ran my ass to the accoustic room which was damned packed with people, managed to catch 3 songs by Mia Palencia. She was superb, funny and very much talented. I recorded them and have uploaded them on YouTube. But with bad quality though. Due to kneeling down and shivering as I held the handycam on my head. My stamina, biceps didn't really work fine with 6 hours of sleep in 48-hour.

More friends came towards the evening. I was overly joyed although I was more like a door bitch, fetching them and handing their tags at the ticket counter but its okay. Becos I love them so much.

As I was chatting with some nearby our gallery section, Ripi called me. Wahhh, he was talking to KoKoKaina. I was so excited. I missed her show at 7pm so I was psyched to meet her in person. As I held my hand to greet her, I said, "Hey Kokokaina, I'm Abby." and she goes like, "Hey, you're the Abby who messaged me on YouTube, how are you!". Goodness gracious, she recognises me and I'm like so awed!!! Well, we chatted a little about her album released and since she had to head back to her friends, we managed to steal some fan-shots with her.

Shafina, KokoKaina, Ripi, Abby and Oya
(Photo Credit: Halimi Saidi)

Yes, after a few drinks and come 9pm, I was overly hyper, jumping about and making a fool out of myself but enjoying every single bit of it. Lepak with my friends was the best time ever!!! We danced in public, we laughed and they saw me jumping with joy! Hats off to Nell who managed to locate us and hang out for a bit. Hehehe.

Best ladies to hangout with, Oya, Suzie, Atilia, Gjie, Abby, Fynaz and Donna
(Photo Credit: Halimi Saidi)

Everyone left around 11.30pm and by 12.30am, the {dmp} crew started to clean up as they need to clear the place by that night. Hangover, Tired and overly Hyper, I still danced the night away and acted like a men-repellent. Hahaha. Got home at 1am and was so tired that I slept right after I changed into my comfy clothes. Was too tired to dream. What good is a dream when you have achieved happiness in reality?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Thank You Note (written in Facebook as at June 30th, 2008)

My first time. My first ever experience. And I mostly wanted to thank Muid for giving me the opportunity to be part of it. I couldn't even begin writing on how much I love him but yeah, despite everything else, I really do.

As much as I am proud my pictures were there, I'm most excited to see people reading my poems. They did and some took pictures. There were this conflicting emotions, where in one hand, I felt a bit protective of it (like what if they plagiarised it and said they made it up themselves?), and on the other hand, I felt flattered. It was worth enough to be in photo, for them to use and jot down. Then it must be good la. (terpaksa convince diri sendiri, pathetic ol me).

So this is a thank you note.

I would like to also thank my fellow comrades, the {dmp} team. Nadirah baby, I'm glad that you're part of it. I'm so happy, I felt you so near even though you're so far (okay, eating Big Apple doughnuts while calling you in New York, how much closer can one get eyh???). You know what, when you said your dream was to exhibit your works in KLPAC and its a dream come true for you, I couldn't be more happier! I'm counting the day for your arrival home, my new creative sister! hehehe. Perez for such a great video that made everyone stop and enjoyed our section. Fozy for the genius motion puzzle, I think it was one of the greatest thing in the gallery. Fariz for the cute kitty Cycle Displacement video and his effort of setting up the place with us. And Prakash cayang for his strong photos, hilarious jokes and help during the dismantling and cleaning up process. Muid of course. Can never thank him enough. But his Unity piece struck a good deal of message from {dmp}.

My KLickr buddies who have done such a great job with the time lapse video. And the unexpected visit at 2am during the set up process by Mizie, Shafina and Adi. Having to hangout with them during Urbanscapes. I'd like to congratulate those who were involved in the KLickr 24-hour Time Lapse video and the 24 Hour Photo project. Shaf, Han, Adi, Mizie, Johan, Ripi, Asyraf Lee, Erna Dyanty and others. One of the memorable moments was when Erna hugged me and said "Congratulations sweetheart, I'm so proud of you!". Erna who had exhibited her works so many time, one of the greatest photographers I've known personally, hugged me with that much faith in me, I couldn't felt more honoured and flattered. I love you Erna!!!!! And other KLickr members who came, LJ, Magnus, Vig, Faris, Belanda and wife, Kabir, Hilmi and the rest. You guys made my day! Its a big big family!!! Sorry couldn't make it for the group shot tho. And Suzz and Melissa, the Yahoo Flickr folks from Singapore who dropped by and see my work too. Suzz took some photos of it!!! Yeay!!!!

My personal friends.

Kamal, thanks for dropping by a note for me, I am so so sorry I couldn't meet you becos I was stuck at the Acoustic Room watching Mia Palencia (she is such a great performer/singer/person. We'll catch up with that bear hug soon ok!

Rizal, thanks for the sweetest photo of us. Glad to bump into you.

Aunty Anya (Salamiah Hassan) for dropping by!!! Hehehehe, so hip and happening la!!! Best best!

Andrew, haven't met you for so long, used to have lots of coffee session with Andrew. hehehe. Leng Chai sudah botak, gua tala kenal sudah.

Inaz, sorry didn't manage to catch up but we did manage to share some hungry eating jokes kan.

Izzah, nice to finally meet you. KL is such a small city kan, everyone seems to be on a 1-degree separation. But had to say, nasib baik Rashdan left you there, so I had to spend time getting to know you. And thanks for bringing Razlin there, which lead me to my next thanks ....

Razlin, thanks thanks thanks for being there babe!!!!

Nadiah and Eka. Thanks so much for being there, for lepaking with me, for showing me true love exists (even in a grossy way, haha) and Eka, its so awesome that I had the chance to use THE EKSTER machine. *yes, now I feel just so much hotter* Hahahaha. We must do dinner soon. Glad we spent some time together chatting and walking. Hehehehehe ...

Nell oh Nell. Sorry I cudn't spend more time with you (cos you hilang lap-sap-ing elsewhere). But our talks, walks and me pau-ing your drinks is enough to show we did spent time together.

Oya and Emi. You guys are the rockest couple I've ever met! You guys being there, memang best giler (and I'm not just talking about the excellent photos).

Donna! Finally, party animal yang sentiasa sibuk. Hehehhe. You know hyped up the scene and got a lovely picture of me going crazy! Haha.

Fynaz and Gjie, walaupun sedikit lambat but tetap best having you guys there. Finally Fynaz dapat tengok kerja anak anak pak Latif.

Suzie who came in with style and a new hat. Hehehehehe .... Thanks so much for being there, and bringing your 400D, and being there, and lepaking with us and bringing Farid and for being there. and yeah, please do upload them photos. Hehehehe. *compliments of Little Miss Chatterbox*

Atilia yang sesudah menyanyi pun masih mahu singgah to see us and lepaking and of course, those weird dance moves we did in public. Wawaweewa!!! You and now my official dancing gila gila buddy! Hahahaha ...

And those who I met for the first time and who came to support DigitalMalayaProject and came because of me. If I left out anyone, I am deeply sorry and I blame my limited memory space. It had become pretty selective these days I don't know why. Either that or I'm just a big walking Dory fish with a 3-second memory.


and errrr, can I cilok the photos cos I didn't take any myself? hehehe.

Here are the comments from those friends and loved ones:-

Raja Norashikin wrote at 1:16am on June 30th, 2008
shuffling your socks! * statement yg tak ada kena mengena*

Raja Norashikin wrote at 1:17am on June 30th, 2008
cilok jer the photos cause i know you selalu credit all photoGs.

Kem Lima wrote at 1:21am on June 30th, 2008
hey babae! your photos and poems are amazing. actually i kinda saw you and moid from a far, but u were kinda talking to other people so i kinda don want to disturb you lah. bottomline the dmp presentations rock! talk to ya soon!

Aidah 'Ted' Tajuddin wrote at 1:25am on June 30th, 2008
auw babe, sooo rugi i couldnt make it to urbanscapes and see ur project. but heard nice things abt it anyways :) congrats!

Sharifah Razlin Jamalullail wrote at 1:32am on June 30th, 2008
u're most welcomed, babe! Love you!

Sharifah Razlin Jamalullail wrote at 1:33am on June 30th, 2008
btw, love your new profile picture. Thanks to Donna.

Faiz Akhbar wrote at 2:10am on June 30th, 2008

Inaz Hasmy wrote at 2:11am on June 30th, 2008
awww thanks abby for the mention,its was great seeing you too.i know you sibuk semalam ;) YEAH,your profile picture rox!

Nelleisa Omar wrote at 2:30am on June 30th, 2008
love you babes. we have to set a date soon. I MISH YOU I MISH YOU I MISH YOU! =D

Suzie Borhan wrote at 3:01am on June 30th, 2008
Rock your socks!? Errr....definitely not the ones you were wearing the whole day yesterday! Anyway....I had fun last nite! I totally forgot that KLickrs were showing their stuff as well until I got home I teringat! My bad! Anyways, sis! Bravo to you, Muid, Prakash & the other dmp peeps! Keep up the good work!

Raja Norashikin wrote at 3:05am on June 30th, 2008
Suzie "All I can say is as you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can't remember the other two." It makes the two of us & its not all that BAD ya' know...

Fynaz Shariff wrote at 10:17am on June 30th, 2008
congrats Abs....the pleasure is all ours...sorry for the late coming, was handling an event the during the day..but i enjoyed being thr darling....looking at ur creative works...and Muid's too! OK..bye..nk sambung tido blk! Still penat!!

Ahmad Tarmizi Abdul Rahman wrote at 11:34am on June 30th, 2008
ROCK YOUR SOCKS??? uuiish... Well, Abby Latif... YOU ROCK babe!!! Congrats! Keep up the good works... DMP RULES!!

Abby Latif wrote at 11:41am on June 30th, 2008
Thanks GUYS! Thanks so much for being there. And yes, MY PROFILE PICTURE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha (perasan sendiri sendiri)

Bibi Misbah wrote at 12:23pm on June 30th, 2008
But how can u leave me out? Sob sob.

Abby Latif wrote at 1:40pm on June 30th, 2008
Ala babe, you weren't there? how????

Bibi Misbah wrote at 4:41pm on June 30th, 2008
but but... sob sob

Abby Latif wrote at 4:43pm on June 30th, 2008
alaaaaa, don't la. you make my hati very sedih while seeing Aini's picture there. But babe, I thank you for being part of the photos selection, both you and Aini are angels! :-)

Andrew C.H. Hsien wrote at 6:55pm yesterday
Hey Abby. Terima kasih for the mention. The pleasure is all mine. We need to have a coffee session again soon. Bawak DSLR sekali, bergambar merata-rata tempat just like the old days! By the way; "leng chai sudah botak" is ok tak atau "botak sudah leng chai?"....LOL!