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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Make it Happen

I am a Make It Happen person. I will make things happen. Be it in a good way, or bad. If you bitch me out bitch, I'll bitch you out. If you love me, you'll be getting a whole lot of love from me. I make things happen.

It has been quite a crazy few months. I am loving every second of the chaotic moments.

I love my job. Despite everything else. You feel belong in a way. I was interviewed once and I told my reporter friend that we all search for sense of belonging in the work that we do. I love hanging out with the workmates. It has been great, the bonding. It has been 13 months. I love it.

And my friends. And the loved ones. Ah. We don't spend every moment together, but when we do, we enjoy every minute of it.


I want to write more. There's more to tell bit whats the point of telling.

Those 27 hours were in my mind, like a broken record constantly playing on silver screen at the back of my head.

I don't normally fight for what I want. Because I believe, if its mine, it'll come to me, without force. I'll play along by that rule.

Lots of project.

Do I even have time?

Okay, lets just think about the good things.

Like JAVA JAZZ FESTIVAL 2009 !!!!!!

Will come to the office in my traveling attire, take the bus to LCCT after lunch, board the plane and meet sis. Yes yes yes. I like. I can't wait. 5th March until 9th March !!!!

After that, we'll talk about Koh Samui, or maybe Angkor Watt or maybe Yogjakarta. Yes, traveling is in my books. At least this time around, the plans are made with genuine lovable friends. Hehe.

Am I still bitter? I wish them all the best in marriage life. Enough said. At least some people deserve each other. Okay, enough said.

For me ... big things, big plans, I'll be making on my own, with my own name. I don't sit around wanting to have a force to make me achieve what I want to achieve.



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