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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is a blog

Which I'm suppose to be writing in.

Now is 4.25am.

And I can't fucking sleep. 3 hours to go to the time I'm supposed to wake up, and make myself ready for work.

A lot have been happening.

No, nothing has happened.

We say things which is not true most of the time.

I came to a conclusion that most of the best liars in the world are actually honest people.

Abby is an honest person. If I don't say it, my face will communicate the honesty.

Abby is one of the best liar she'll ever know. Misconception of a pathological liar. Lying. Not like the one with your back in bed.

Its 4.27am and Abby is hungry. She had no breakfast. A piece of chapati for lunch. Nasi lemak at 7.30pm. Then ... just nicotine the whole night.

Hugs are precious. Love ... is beside the point.

Is Libra the air sign? If it is, then Love is in the air. My colleague said that line is so cheesy. Abby is cheesy. No, not like the one with susu basi. Another misconception.

Abby gave 3 different version of birthday songs to Emi via text message today. First the English version. Then, the Mandarin version (the only Mandarin thing that survived throughout those 3 semesters of third language studies). The last one was a special one. A Hindi version. With Sanju's help. Who told her the meaning of the song.

Wishing you to live up to 1,000 years. With every year feels like 50,000. So love and blessings come to you like rays of sun. Some sort like that. Abby finds it amusing. Later, Abby fell in love with Tagore. Read previous entry below.

Its 4.32am and Abby still can't sleep. And very very hungry. And ........................................

Abby hopes that she's happy. Abby still care. A Friendship is TIMELESS. No matter how hard and painful it ended, there were moments of happiness you should never regret.

Those moments shouldn't be taken forgranted. Those smiles should not be regreted.

Abby believe those who refuse love given, is just at lost.

But Abby also believe that those who gives and was hurt, should not regret the love they gave.

Because Love is something, a beauty, a sincere and honest beauty, given to you by the Divine power. Its a feeling that the Divine puts faith in you to spread. Regreting is like condemning the faith given.

Its 4.36am. Abby will try to LIE down in bed now. Hoping to be as good as a liar she is with words, so she'll fall asleep soon, at least, for a couple of hours, if not one.


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