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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


trav·e·logue also trav·e·log
(trāv'ə-lôg', -lŏg') Pronunciation Key
  1. A lecture about travel, often accompanied by a film, a video, or slides.
  2. A narrated film or video about travel.

Last year, at about the same date, someone advised (warned) me not to use the word 'travelogue' because its her original idea and out of respecting originality, I'm not allowed to use the word. So after my trip to Jakarta last year, I can't write a 'travelogue' to respect someone's ridiculous claim of originality. For her its like 'Don't use NIKON cameras because I bought them first!". Well, some people are just funny. I hope she doesn't actually believe she invented the word 'travelogue' itself.

This year, I've decided to use the word 'travelogue'.

Because this year, regardless her claim of originality and ownership of the concept, I've found out that it is a common phrase or term for logs of travel with supplementary pictures or other media files.

Plus, compared to her, I have more than enough friends for copyright, intellectual property rights, legal and writer friends to consult with upon the matter. I'm not bitter, its just I'm overcoming my nice self to respect other people who has no respect towards others. Especially in claims of originality like these. Especially when that exact person is one who quote poems randomly, put it as captions for her pictures and not credit the original writer/poet?

Well ...

I'll upload the pictures tonight and write the TRAVELOGUE soon!



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