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Didjital Nusantara Collective Space

Seen in this picture is James Lee, Azrel & Gang.

Audience watching

Muid Latif with work

Rina Shukor with installation artwork

Muid @ Rina's artwork

Shah and friend.

Ahmad Shukri's artwork.

U-Wei Haji Saari

Perez / Poss fixing his screen.

Azrel & Gang

Bell and Rafee

Rafee (He) and Bell (She)

Saiful Razman taking his video shot.

Saiful Razman's metaphor

Luca's (sifoo.com) installation piece

Drew's artwork.

Audience gather to see the 'performance art' (see down there)

The 'performance art'

Shahnon (Poss's friend), Eman Manan and Perez

Shahnon, Eman Manan and me, Muid (I just that this shot, darn you Perez!)

Er.. The lost Generation crew..?

Irman Hilmi of KLUE Magazine

Me (Muid) and Amir Muhammad

Muid setting up projector.

Shieko, Perez and Abby.

Shieko, Perez and Abby.

DMP Collective (Perez, Muid, Shieko, Abby Latif, Boy and Eby)

Abby Latif looking at Rina's artwork

Abby Latif @ Cosmicgirl

Cool grafitti by Anuar

Cool grafitti by Anuar

Makan time

Jerome and friends

Abby (in Motion), Perez and Fairuz (Raven of sifoo.com)

Abby & Jerome.

We, Digital Nusantara Collective (DMP Collective) would like to thank each and everyone who had
come & visit NotThatBalai Festival. It's pleasure meeting & knowing all of you. If you are interested
to know more about our works or contact the organizer, please email or call Muid ( 016-3464771).

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