Unleash Your Creativity For Unity

This project is inspired by Malaysian Artistes for Unity initiated by Pete Teo and Malaysian Artistes for Unity. Digital Malaya Project is proud to be a part of this harmonious project and we would like you to be a part of this project to express your talent and creativity and interprate your creativity about love & unity. Download our first file to begin your collaboration with your friends and everyone around you. Hint: Print and have it display in your office, decorate your room, ask that makcik that sells Nasi Lemak to hold the design, do to create love and unity!

Want to know what is Malaysian Artistes For Unity? Click here to find out more.

The Photography Project

Unity Preview


This month (July), we are collaborating with Yahoo! Flickr Malaysia (Klickr) to do a Street Photography with the theme of 'Love' & 'Unity'. To find out how you can participate, log in to your Yahoo! account and join our KLickr group.

Briefly, just submit:

  • A street portrait of a person expressing theme of LOVE and UNITY
  • Download and use the word 'UNITY' provided by Digital Malaya.
  • Take photos of your brother, sister, mum, dad, friends, macha, leng lui, just anyone. Be sure to inform that this photo project that you are working on is free and will not be use for commercial (business).
  • Submit your JPEG in hi resolution with maximum size of A4 or 1024 width pixel of preview image of your photo work.
  • Dateline? Till first week of August.
  • We will announce the top 3 to win themselves vouchures of Kinokuniya, Free Flickr Pro account and A3 size poster from Digital Malaya Project.
  • All submission will be showcase in this website as a gallery in August and will be featured in several websites, magazines and newspaper.

UNITY Typeface (Print)

Download 'Unity' Logo / Typeface:
unity.jpeg (586 KB)


Download 'Love' Logo / Typeface:
love.jpeg (1.2 MB)


MAFU Art license agreement:
This artwork is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.


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